Harnessing LinkedIn to Combat Plastic Pollution in Canada

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July 20, 2022 2 min read
by Nat Korol

How do you drive meaningful change in the fight against plastic pollution in Canada? With action!

In this article, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re using LinkedIn to support Environmental Defence in its #PlasticFreeJuly campaign to #ExpandTheBan on single-use plastics in Canada.

🔈 Driving impact with LinkedIn

Although Hyphen has partnered with Environmental Defence since 2021, we first heard about its Plastic Free July campaign only in May of this year. We were immediately drawn to the issue and wanted to help.

The Environmental Defence team was already working on a campaign with efforts focused on Facebook, Twitter, email, blog posts, and PR outreach, but they did not have a specific plan for LinkedIn. As this is one of our areas of expertise, we offered to develop a LinkedIn campaign to complement their overall campaign.

Our plan focused on:

  • Creating LinkedIn paid ads and organic posts to drive traffic to the #ExpandTheBan landing page & encourage people to sign the Environmental Defence petition
  • Developing impactful creative to focus attention on shocking facts about plastic pollution in Canada
  • Aligning our copy with their key messaging to amplify their efforts

As we are partnered with Environmental Defence through our 1% for the Planet membership, we took on this project on a pro bono basis, including fully funding the paid LinkedIn ad campaign.

💡 From idea to impact

Given a tight timeline, we had to be nimble. From our first briefing with the Environmental Defence team on May 27, we moved quickly from ideation to launch in just six weeks.

Inspired by several shocking facts about plastic pollution in Canada, we developed 3 creative concepts and turned them into LinkedIn video ads:

⏯ View video ad 1: 10,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year

⏯ View video ad 2: The Great Lakes are drowning

⏯ View video ad 3: Lake Ontario’s world-record fish

🌱 Helping bring about meaningful change

Real change requires action. That’s why we love Environmental Defence’s practical, policy-focused approach to pushing for positive change to protect the environment.

We relished the opportunity to get creative in strategizing a LinkedIn campaign and designing unique LinkedIn ads to support their #ExpandTheBan campaign.

Our goal is to help Environmental Defence reach its target of 25,000 signatures in its petition to #ExpandTheBan on single-use plastics in Canada. We’re making great progress toward this goal, but we need your help to combat plastic pollution in Canada.

Take action today by clicking here to sign the #ExpandTheBan petition!

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