Join Us to #ExpandTheBan this Plastic Free July

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July 05, 2022 2 min read
by Karsten Cramer

When Plastic Free July rolls around each year, individual consumers are encouraged to take action to reduce plastic waste. Across Canada and around the world, people take part in beach cleanups, avoid single-use plastic containers, and bring reusable bags to their grocery store.

All of these actions are important and commendable, and by no means should they stop (in fact, if you can do them all year long, that would be awesome!). Unfortunately, they don’t tackle the root causes of plastic pollution.

Don’t Mess With The Don trail cleanups are awesome in Toronto! We also support A Greener Future beach cleanups

That’s why we’re becoming even more involved with Environmental Defence (via our membership in 1% for the Planet) in pushing for the recently announced federal bans on single-use plastics even further.

These new bans are a good start, but they don’t go far enough.

We need to expand the ban to include additional single-use plastics and require reuse and refill of packaging and containers. This would be a more holistic approach to waste management by reducing plastic production and mandating the reuse and refilling of what’s out there already.

If you’re convinced already, your voice counts. Make Canada listen and click here to sign the petition to #ExpandTheBan.

Where Hyphen comes in (to help reach 25K signatures)

Developing creative digital solutions is something we do every day, and it’s especially rewarding and fulfilling work when we get to apply these solutions to protecting the environment. 

Our efforts – ideating, creating, and deploying the #ExpandTheBan ad campaign on LinkedIn – are aimed at reaching and educating a broader audience to help Environmental Defence reach 25,000 signatures urging Canada to expand the ban on single-use plastic items.

The need for action and real solutions is clear. So this #PlasticFreeJuly, we invite you to join us in urging the Canadian federal government to #ExpandTheBan

CLICK HERE & sign this petition NOW! 

Over the next month, we’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our #ExpandTheBan campaign with Environmental Defence and the success of the campaign itself!

To learn about 1% for the Planet and join as an individual or business member, click here.

An Exciting Win for Us and Our Client 🏆