Your Path to Export Markets: Trade Accelerator Program

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April 13, 2018 3 min read
by Karsten Cramer

You have world-class products or services, proven demand and the passion to grow your business. However, if you’re like the vast majority of Canadian companies, the one missing ingredient is a clear plan for how to tap into markets beyond Canada’s borders.

The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is designed to give businesses like yours the support needed to venture out with confidence into international markets. Run by the World Trade Centre Toronto and a team of experienced partners, TAP gives small and mid-size businesses access to a wealth of export-focused expertise and resources.

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How your business will benefit from TAP

Think of The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) like a boot camp. Whatever stage your business is at currently – whether you’re just starting to explore export opportunities or already active in overseas markets – this rigorous six-week program will accelerate your growth and international trade capabilities. In short, you’ll emerge from TAP in a better position to achieve export success.

1. Real-world experience.

Whatever doubts you may have, you’re not alone. TAP will put you in a room with people who have successfully overcome the same struggles you are currently facing and are happy to share their experience.

2. Support from industry experts.

The complexity of exporting can be daunting. TAP brings together industry experts to share their expertise and answer your specific questions in areas including finance, tax, legal, banking, loans, sales, marketing, transport and shipping.

3. Individualized support.

A one-on-one mentorship day is an opportunity for you to receive targeted feedback and input specific to your export plan.

4. Access new networks.

TAP will connect you with trade commissioners and can lead to opportunities to join trade missions, opening the door to networks that are often difficult for private businesses to access.
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Boosting Canadian exports

Are you wondering whether TAP is worth the effort? While every business is different and has unique needs, the results since TAP was launched in the GTA in October 2015 paint a picture of success:

  • In the first two years of TAP GTA, there were 178 participating companies across 13 cohorts
  • In a June 2017 survey of TAP graduates, 47% reported an increase in export sales; of these, more than one-fifth reported an increase of 80% or higher
  • 76% hired one or more staff dedicated to implementing their export plan

“TAP is not an exercise in theory – it’s about encouraging action and generating real results.”

Go global!

If you’re interested in applying to TAP or discussing whether the program is right for your business, we encourage you to contact us for an application package. Why? Because if we nominate your company to participate, you’ll be rewarded in a number of ways including savings on initiation fees.

Upcoming 2018 GTA TAP Sessions:

May 7-8

June 5-6

August 28-29

September 25-26

October 31 – November 1

Hyphen has been part of TAP since September 2016, and during this time we’ve had the joy of watching many small and mid-size businesses make the leap from Ontario to global markets. Now it’s your turn, and we want to help your company export its Canadian innovation to the wider world.


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