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Developing custom website architecture for academic data visualization.


To enable sustainable entrepreneurship researchers to share data from diverse global sources with the academic community.


In April 2021, the University of Waterloo–based team behind TRANSFORM – a global network of researchers focused on sustainable entrepreneurship – partnered with Hyphen to build a custom website for data visualization and sharing.

Our key challenge was to design custom website architecture to present large volumes of non-standardized data without affecting its academic integrity. This required a creative shift away from the categorizing and filtering of data typically seen in web design.


  1. Translation of academic objectives into dynamic web design
  2. Unique website architecture for impactful data visualization & sharing 
  3. A tailored SVG framework for structuring data relationships & nodes
  4. A custom WordPress website that can grow with evolving needs
  5. An intuitive back-end for user-friendly data additions & updates
Our Responsibilities
  • Discovery sessions to translate objectives into deliverables
  • Development of custom website architecture & data visualization strategy
  • Design & development of a custom WordPress website
  • Training & support for content population
  • Website testing, deployment & QA
  • Website maintenance & support

TRANSFORM is an international network with researchers around the globe investigating sustainable entrepreneurship from a variety of angles and generating large, disparate datasets.

Given TRANSFORM’s focus on presenting raw data for academic analysis, we were limited in our ability to categorize and standardize their data. This required us to be more creative in our approach to website architecture.

One of our key wins was helping the TRANSFORM team develop a clear and simplified approach to data visualization.

After exploring various options, we ended up developing a custom SVG framework for presenting data pathway maps. This proved to be an elegant solution providing design versatility to accommodate dynamic data.

The new TRANSFORM website provides a centralized hub for global data on sustainable entrepreneurship, making it an important tool for further academic research in this field.

Hyphen took the reins in helping our team design and implement a large-scale website, making sure that our global stakeholder input was at the forefront of their vision. They were incredibly patient with us and really understood the ethos of what we were trying to achieve! Highly recommend working with them.

John Nesbitt
John Nesbitt
Research Manager, TRANSFORM, University of Waterloo

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