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Andrew Ramsden

President, Ramsden Industries Limited

“It was (and will continue to be) a real pleasure to collaborate with the whole team at Hyphen. Together, we arrived at results that just fit and work for where we are headed.”

Building on the rich 70+ years heritage of this family-owned business based in London, Ontario, we were excited to work with their team to reimagine their brand for the next 70 years to come.

We clarified and amplified the Ramsden brand in line with its overall business strategy and future ambitions.

  • Discovery – competitive landscape analysis & existing customer interviews
  • Key insights report – customer personas, positioning, brand story development
  • Brand identity development – logo & brand handbook
  • Branded marketing collateral – business cards, PowerPoint, 20 branded document templates
  • Brand articulation – key messaging, value proposition, tagline
  • CRM research, recommendations & implementation
A professional brand system capturing Ramsden’s unique voice & history
Bold differentiation in a competitive market
A solid marketing & sales foundation for future initiatives
Hubspot CRM implementation & training
Drawing Inspiration from the Past

As a third-generation family-owned aluminum foundry at the forefront of its industry, Ramsden provided us with ample authentic inspiration.

We drew inspiration from the past to build the visual brand elements, including this lattice brick pattern from their foundry that was renovated in the 60’s.

Revealing Who You Truly Are

Developing a brand is not about turning your company into something it’s not. Rather, it’s a process of revealing who you really are.

The Ramsden “R” appeared in various formats throughout its history.

We knew we had to focus our branding on this element and bring it forward into the future.

Sustainable Marketing Success

Far from being a simple exercise in design, the building of a brand system must be rooted in a company’s core values, attitudes, culture and history.

We create custom company brand guidelines that anyone within the organization can use and understand.

Brand systems are important, but are only effective when everyone in the organization is aligned.

External Perspectives Lead to Deeper Internal Understanding

Through discovery sessions, customer interviews and competitive landscape analysis, we developed a deep understanding of Ramsden’s organization and environment.

This allowed us to provide Ramsden with clear customer insights, a fresh value proposition and unique competitive positioning.

Collaborating with the Ramsden team, we created the strategic building blocks for all future marketing and sales efforts.

Authentic Brands Are Revealed, Not Invented

Brand components must be derived from meaningful studies into company values. The insights we help surface form the basis of strong brands.

We aimed for a straightforward design approach; display only key information, make it readable and legible.

The right paper stock is important; a thick card stock conveys importance, and the textured paper is a tactile reminder of Ramsden’s manufacturing expertise.

Versatile PowerPoint Presentation Design

A flexible, modular PowerPoint template system was built to allow anyone within the organization to create custom, on-brand presentations on the fly.

Team Photography

A comfortable & collaborative environment, gets even non-marketers excited about brand work! Just kidding but we did help with creative direction of all Ramsden’s updated photography.

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