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Closing the loop between
marketing and business development

Pillar Financial
Pillar Financial
How does Hyphen help clients as a full-support strategic marketing and creative team?

Our work with Pillar Financial is a great example.


Close the loop between Pillar’s marketing and business development


In 2016, we took on full responsibility for Pillar’s competitive profile, brand development, marketing strategy and martech support, seamlessly integrating these with business development.

Today, we continue to drive results for Pillar with ongoing comprehensive support.

  1. Generated close to 5,000 qualified leads since 2017
  2. Manage cohesive customer experiences that are tailored to speak directly to their needs. Alongside Pillar’s business development team, we focus on creating and executing a complete experience, not disconnected campaigns
  3. Established Pillar as the leader in thought leadership within their niche of mortgage lending through consistent and helpful content marketing
  4. Seamlessly integrated and continue to manage Salesforce-Pardot marketing automation system that nurtures and converts qualified leads into customers

Our Responsibilities
  • Annual marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Brand management
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Marketing automation / technology
  • Optimization, measurement and reporting
  • Copywriting & design

Annual marketing strategy is fully tied to Pillar's business and sales goals and objectives.

Annual strategy includes objectives, key results, budget, themes and tactics, comprehensive timeline and calendar.

Insight 1
To do your best work,
you need to care

We take ownership for the success of Pillar, as we do with every Hyphen client. This pushes us to constantly ask: what is best for Pillar, and how can we make this happen?

This mentality helps us earn trust. For example, one of Hyphen’s partners participates in monthly executive meetings. Because we are trusted with a seat at the table, we are better equipped to understand the company’s needs and implement solutions that drive its success.

We are seamlessly integrated with Pillar's business goals and objectives through active participation in executive leadership meetings.

Nat Korol, Hyphen Co-Founder | Photo by: Anna Koustas
Insight 2
Team integration leads to
better execution

We collaborate with the Pillar team on an ongoing and consistent basis to understand business conditions on the ground, develop strategies, implement solutions and incorporate real-time feedback.

This seamless integration between the Hyphen and Pillar teams keeps us focused and working together on producing meaningful results.

Pillar website won: 2016 Davey Awards GOLD | Best Website

Hyphen has managed the consistency of Pillar's brand since 2016, down to business cards

Proactive marketing means bringing marketing ideas and concepts to life before the client realizes it's something they need.

Pillar was expanding our business into a new geographical area and Hyphen’s insight and ability to deliver the highest quality of material and professional feedback far exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had without this partnership and support. I can’t even compare them to other companies, they are their own hybrid in the industry.

Jo-Anne Fleming
Jo-Anne Fleming
Business Development Officer
Insight 3
A toolbox of expertise provides greater versatility

We provide the benefit of a well-stocked marketing strategy and design toolbox with expertise on demand without the need for Pillar to build a large in-house team.

This allows Pillar to focus internal resources on their core services while maintaining access to the know-how and capabilities of our team of marketing professionals.

Since 2017, organic engagement rate is 6.5% higher than Pillar’s peers, driven by our reach growing 3% to 10% per month on average

There’s a lot you’ve contributed to our business outside of marketing and branding. This is driven by your integration into our team and your sense of ownership in our success. Marketing is an important role on the team, and we need to see, no matter what you’re doing, you own it and take pride in it. I’m hands off because I trust you guys to do what you need to do.

Kevin Cruickshank
Kevin Cruickshank
Executive Vice President & CFO, W.A. Robinson Asset Management

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