30% increase in web traffic for new SaaS website

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Nulogy offers a cloud-based multi-enterprise platform that powers production floors and real-time collaboration between manufacturers and their extended supply chain partners.

The Nulogy team brought Hyphen on board to help reimagine their website to better reflect their brand, showcase their breadth of industry-leading solutions, and propel their next phase of growth.

As a SaaS business, Nulogy’s website plays a vital role in their business growth. We worked with them to hone in on their key strategic goals and gain a deep understanding of their user journey, which allowed us to curate custom solutions and ultimately drive greater web traffic.

  • Elevate the user experience with a new website structure
  • Establish and implement a fresh look and feel
  • Update and optimize the site content
  • Create a customized resources section
  • Embed marketing apps
30% increase in website traffic in the four weeks post launch
Increased lead generation by supporting the Nulogy sales team with website user tracking
Created a cohesive user journey by connecting pages of related content
Created a strategic and holistic resources hub
Designed the website backend to allow Nulogy to build any type of page, with virtually limitless expandability
Bold Strategies and Real Results

Our collaboration with the Nulogy team is one of our proudest achievements of 2023. Empowered to create a fresh new look backed by bold design and technical decisions, we crafted a website that not only solves user issues, but looks good doing it.

Software that Solves User Problems

Each software page demonstrates its benefits and solutions to common problems and connects with other pages that contain similar content.

This is a setting that can be automated or manual, based on the Nulogy team’s preference and the desired on-page experience.

Visuals to Describe Complex Ideas

Utilizing screenshots was a novel idea to Nulogy, who in the past had avoided displaying their software in action.

Pushing their comfort zone and introducing their team to a new approach, we encouraged transparency to help Nulogy’s audience evaluate their solutions and to see their competitive edge in action.

Resources that Become a Destination

We created a one-stop destination for downloads, brochures, webinars, and other information for the bottom-of-the-funnel audience who want to dig deeper into the platform and understand more about how it works. 

Some of these resources are gated for strategic reasons. However, to remove unnecessary barriers to accessing content, we wrote code to remember returning users, giving them access to all gated content while maintaining data on:

1. Which page/resource the user came from
2. Which ad campaign the user came from
3. Remembering the user for any other gated areas

Bespoke Backend Development

We created a backend that allows Nulogy to build any type of page they want or need with virtually limitless expandability into the future. This complete control allows them to:


  • Edit all elements on each page
  • Create, rearrange, and update their own bespoke webpage blocks
  • Add images and media
  • Control resource post types and set which would be gated  
  • Create their own landing/inescapable pages from scratch, fully customizable
  • Eliminate the need for an external service like Unbounce, keeping all site traffic on the nulogy.com domain
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