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Launching a new financial services firm

Chronicle Wealth
Chronicle Wealth

Launch a financial services brand & website focused on storytelling and the firm’s value proposition, in under a year.


In 2017, we partnered with Guilfoyle Financial to create a new financial services brand as the team behind this privately owned wealth management firm in Toronto joined forces with a new partner.

Working with the team, we put together everything a startup needs from a branding and marketing perspective to help them accelerate their business development efforts. In nine months, we launched Chronicle Wealth, a wealth management company with a compelling value-based story.

  1. A fast & easy experience for the client thanks to our knowledge of the financial industry
  2. A company name that resonates with all the business partners and reflects their value to clients
  3. An authentic brand ecosystem on which to build the future of Chronicle Wealth
  4. An impactful website to strengthen the client experience
  5. A unique & compelling approach for communicating the company’s value proposition to new and existing clients
  • Brand identity development – name generation & logo
  • Branded marketing collateral – business cards, letterhead, branded PowerPoint & email signatures
  • Branded sales documents – strategy, custom design & copywriting for pitch deck & fact sheet
  • Design & development of custom WordPress website, including copywriting, illustration and micro-animation

Brand ecosystem that's rooted in values, aspirations, and culture.

Insight 1
The best name is the one that resonates

The best name is the one that resonates with your values, aspirations, and culture. 

By gaining an understanding of the value our client placed on heritage, roots, and creating happy memories, we landed on the name that clicked: Chronicle Wealth.

Business name tip: a name should be pronounceable, spellable, memorable, doesn’t have negative connotations, & can be registered legally and as a domain!

Chronicle's brand mark is based around the idea of tree rings that mark the passage of time and the milestones within the tree's life

Insight 2
Behind a great brand, there’s a story

From the name and logo to the website and sales collateral, every expression of the Chronicle Wealth brand reflects the firm’s commitment to helping clients write new chapters in their proud family legacies.

Chronicle Wealth's website is meant to feel like a breath of fresh air.

The overall site design is clean, strong and focused.

Custom graphic elements were designed for brand consistency

Insight 3
Speak to your audience

Financial planning presentations tend to follow the same tired structure: our experience, what we can do for you, how we do it, what our clients say.

A better approach? Focus on client value from the beginning to show that you understand what keeps your client up at night.

A custom pitch deck focused on client value, not the business itself to better connect with prospects on an emotional level.

The final identity design

We provided creative direction for team photography

We quickly found that Hyphen team was able to translate our requirements into a unique and emotionally powerful brand while providing everything we needed (and things we didn’t even know we needed) from a marketing perspective to get our new business up and running quickly.

Blair Guilfoyle
Blair Guilfoyle
Partner & Co-Founder, Chronicle Wealth

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