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Delivering powerful website functionality with custom-built solutions

A custom WordPress website for with powerful functionality that’s easy to manage & update.


In January 2022, the team behind Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops (CBW) partnered with Hyphen to replace the old website and provide ongoing maintenance support.

The complex functionality requirements for two of the website’s key systems – a workshop registration system and a jobs board – posed a technical challenge: do we use off-the-shelf solutions or build them ourselves? We opted for the latter.


  1. Two complex systems built from scratch: a workshop registration system & a jobs board
  2. An intuitive user experience 
  3. Bioschemas compliance to boost findability of online life sciences resources
  4. A new subscription email service
  5. An easy to update & scalable WordPress website that’s built for future growth
Our Responsibilities
  • Strategy, design & development of a custom WordPress website
  • Building a workshop registration system with complex functionality (e.g. reviewing of applications, providing of grants)
  • Building an interactive jobs board (e.g. sign-in & job posting by visitors, moderation by internal team)
  • Integration with existing technologies (e.g. Mailman)
  • Testing, deployment & training

The old website was built on an obsolete platform & required a complete overhaul.

Due to complex functionality requirements for the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops registration system, there was no suitable off-the-shelf solution – so we developed one ourselves.

At the request of our client, we designed the site to be Bioschemas compliant – a new yet successful experience for us.

Our custom-built jobs board makes it easy for site visitors to post new jobs and for the client team to moderate them.

The new subscription email service automatically sends notifications about new jobs to subscribers.

The new site’s WordPress backend allows for intuitive and efficient site management by members of the client team.

Next Project

Developing custom website architecture for academic data visualization.