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Supercharging business growth with a strategic digital presence

Applied Lubrication Technology
Applied Lubrication Technology
How does Hyphen help clients drive business development?

By building a strategic digital presence to simplify processes and strengthen branding.


Drive efficiencies for ALT’s busy international business development team


In 2018, we started working with Applied Lubrication Technology (ALT) – a successful, family-run chain lubrication business based in Ontario – to develop a strategic digital presence for its business development team.

With a combination of design thinking, marketing strategy and digital expertise, we helped ALT simplify and refine its technical sales sheets, refresh its brand identity, and launch a bold new website to support its international business development efforts.

  1. 70+ RFQ submissions since website launch (up from 0)
  2. 6,771 new website users since launch
  3. 233 newsletter signups since launch (up from 0)
  4. 24/7 access to clear, up-to-date technical sales sheets
  5. A bold brand identity representative of ALT’s industry-leading business
  6. Three wins in the 2019 Davey Awards (2 Gold & 1 Silver)
  • Strategy, design, copyediting & development of custom WordPress website
  • Website monthly technical support & digital maintenance
  • Brand identity refresh – updated logo & visual identity
  • Branded marketing collateral – design of business cards, branded templates & email signatures
  • Branded sales documents – design & copywriting for fact sheet & data sheet template
Insight 1
Driving leads starts with improving the customer experience

To drive leads, a website needs to be designed with the customer’s needs front and centre. Clear navigation and easy access to information are crucial for a customer experience that boosts credibility and spurs action.

We developed a simple, user-friendly Quote Form for the ALT website to make it easy for customers to initiate a sales enquiry. By removing barriers, we helped open the door for more robust, professional conversations with the ALT sales team.

Since launch, the intuitive and simple to use RFQ submissions form received over 70 qualified requests!

Websites can help to make your job, as a sales specialist, easier. Just make it simple for your clients to connect with you online!

Insight 2
Our job is to make your job easy

Digital marketing is about understanding the client’s business and helping them achieve business goals using digital technologies and design thinking in ways they likely haven’t considered.

We created a clear, simple system to organize and integrate ALT’s huge list of products and services into the new website. This has given ALT’s business development team reliable access to centralized, up-to-date sales sheets, making their job easier.


Sorting through hundreds of products doesn't have to be a daunting task for anyone!

A clear & organized product system has made ALT’s business development team job easier.

Insight 3
Breaking through requires bold design

In the typically ‘unsexy’ industrial sector, marketing often focuses on functionality and technical specs while design takes a back seat. Yet when everyone looks alike, there is great potential to break through with creative thinking and fresh design.

We pushed creative boundaries to create a refreshed ALT brand identity while respecting its history. By implementing innovative design worthy of its industry-leading position, ALT has succeeded in raising its profile in a crowded market with a strategic digital presence. ALT’s website even won a few Davey Awards (read more here).

Original brand mark

Variations in brand mark options presented by Hyphen to ALT's team

Final redesigned brand mark

The final identity design

Hyphen's rebranding package includes templates for business cards, email signatures, marketing and sales collateral.

The Hyphen team took the time to understand our business, our market and our challenges in order to develop a strategy fully aligned with our objectives. The end result was striking, but the true value has been the way in which these assets have empowered our business development team and made their work easier.

Jon Joel
Jon Joel
Development Manager

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