The Headless Revolution: Why We’re Ditching WordPress for Strapi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Get ready to say goodbye to the limitations of traditional content management system (CMS) platforms. At Hyphen, we’re embracing the future of web development with a shift in our tech stack. We’re waving goodbye to WordPress and diving headfirst (pun intended) into the world of headless CMS with Strapi. What exactly is a headless CMS? […]

Tackling a B2B Website Redesign

Reading Time: 7 minutes Scoping a B2B website redesign is a big job. The new site has to be intuitive, look great, and function optimally, and getting that right requires thoughtful planning up front.

Big wins for the Targeo website in the Davey Awards

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2018, Targeo, a Canadian company providing omni-channel flyer solutions, partnered with us to conceptualize, design and develop their new website. Once we had a solid understanding of what makes Targeo tick, we proposed a storytelling approach for the new site – a surprisingly unusual angle for this industry! Fast-forward one year and we are […]

Does good SEO have to mean awful design?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a fine line, straddling that chasm between cutting edge-web design and hyper-optimized, content-heavy web pages. Sometimes it even feels like the SEO warriors are winning out over communicative design. Any Google search will turn up too many articles to count about SEO rule X or rule Y on what you should be doing to […]