Hermes Awards Recognize 3 of Hyphen’s Clients

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May 06, 2022 4 min read
by Karsten Cramer

We thrive at the intersection of creativity and helping our clients overcome some of their business challenges. It’s the results we chase, but it’s also special to be recognized for the work.

This year, Hyphen has been awarded three Hermes Creative Awards – two gold and one platinum – for our creative and development expertise. We are humbled by the hardware, although it’s our clients who deserve these awards and recognition. We’re grateful for their trust in us. 

We’re pleased that projects we produced for three of our valued clients are being celebrated this year as the awards shine a light on the great work these companies do.

Ramsden Industries > Platinum Winner

🏆 Website Redesign

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022
Right: Ramsden’s orignal website circa 1990’s! Left: Hermes Creative Platimum Winner

As a recent client, Ramsden Industries came to us in 2019. Shortly thereafter, we refreshed their brand identity (to read our case study on this work, click here), which launched in 2021, followed by a redesigned website launched in January 2022. 

Despite having a relic of a website (circa the 1990s) and a stagnant digital presence, Ramsden initially wasn’t interested in a new website. Why? Because their business was already thriving!

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022

What they were interested in was partnering with a team that would not rush the process. Their aim was to develop a digital presence that would educate and resonate with their customers and employees and stand the test of time, as they have for over 7 decades. Our team worked hand-in-hand to ideate, copywrite, design, and develop a carefully planned digital presence that we’re honestly over the moon about! 

Why Ramsden is great to work with:

Two generations of Ramsden (from right): Bob & Andrew Ramsden

Ramsden Industries is a leading aluminum foundry for permanent mold and semi-permanent mold castings that’s been a family-run business for over 75 years! They are in perfect alignment with Hyphen’s values: a responsible team that treats others the way they deserve to be treated. They’re thorough, considerate, respectful, hard working, and excellent collaborators who have become true friends.

Koff & Associates >> Gold Winner

🏆 Website Redesign

Partnering with Hyphen since 2016 in a content marketing capacity, Koff & Associates engaged us to help them modernize their brand identity and launch a new website in 2020.

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022
Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022

Their aim was to communicate their differentiation. To do this, we focused on clean lines, infographics, and micro animations to bring their website to life and speak to Koff & Associates’ key clientele: business owner-operators who are looking for a life CFO, not an accountant.  

What we love about Koff & Associates:

Michael Koff with Nat & Tam at Hyphen’s 3rd Anniversary

The Koff & Associates team understands that for business owners, there is no separation between personal and professional. Although the support they provide is accounting-based at its core, they truly take a holistic approach to provide a clearer path for entrepreneurs as they navigate financial decisions. In fact, we were so taken with their approach and style that we became a client of theirs!

Torque & Tire >> Gold Winner

🏆 Brand Identity | Website

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022

A client since 2020, we worked with them from the get-go of their business, developing a business name, approachable brand identity, and user-intuitive ecommerce website.

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022

What makes Torque & Tire unique:

The team behind Torque & Tire are friends of ours, so we already knew them as people. Building on this relationship, it was great fun to help them curate a brand with a unique value proposition for their busy customers (in short, Torque & Tire bring the tire change to you). Starting from scratch allowed us to be as bold as possible in our creative approach and help them put their rubber to the road, so to speak!

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022
Torque & Tire employee on site in a branded van and wearing a Torque & Tire T-shirt

🥂 Cheers to creativity & collaboration!

Congratulations to our clients – Ramsden Industries, Koff & Associates, and Torque & Tire – for these achievements! We’re proud to have been a part of these award-winning projects made possible by your collaborative and creative spirits.

Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022
Hermes Awards Recognize Hyphen 2022

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals honouring the imaginations of creators demonstrated through their publications, branding collateral, website work, and marketing and advertising efforts. 

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