Great people doing great things, together.

We started Hyphen to be the type of marketing team we’d want to work with.




Our journey began with shared values and a clear purpose: to make a long-lasting impact by being responsible to our teammates, community, and environment.

We’re continually bettering ourselves and our work in pursuit of this purpose. Whether you’re here to join our team or to join forces with our team, read on to learn about our unique culture.

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Meet Your Team

We all have unique skills and backgrounds. Yet it’s the way we work together that creates the real magic for our clients.

Tamar Bresler (she/her) Client Experience Manager

When Tamar – or Tam, as most of us call her – joined us in 2019, we were just a team of 3! Thanks to Tam's laser-sharp attention to staying on top of things and working under tight deadlines, plus an uncanny ability to collaborate and connect with anyone, it took all of a second for our clients and our team to appreciate her radiance.

Today, Tam is fully integrated with our client's digital marketing needs and ensures we always outperform ourselves by delighting our clients.

As a teenager, Tam dreamt about being in the entertainment industry, and that's where she started her career. After 4+ years, the glitz and the glamour didn't quite live up to her strong values. She then tested and grew her skills working in the non-profit space, which felt more aligned with her values, before finally landing at Hyphen as a key member of our tight-knit team.

Fun fact: Tam loves tattoos and has quite a few meaningful ones, which she typically gets with her family members and close friends​.

Karsten Cramer (he/him) Content Marketing Strategist

If you're looking for someone to effortlessly, strategically, and quickly analyze or write up any piece of content, Karsten, our Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, and Editor in Chief, is the best of the best.

We still can't figure out if there's something wordsmithy that he isn't good at, and his attention to the tiniest details – whatever the subject matter – is fascinating, very helpful, and mildly frustrating, all at the same time.

Karsten and Hyphen co-founder Richard met at Queen’s University in 1999 as classmates in the Commerce program. Since then, Karsten’s sense of adventure has taken him all over the world, including Singapore, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and the Netherlands, where he lives today.

Fun fact: Karsten is a night owl, so he couldn't be happier with his 6-hour time difference ahead of Toronto.

Trish Feistner (she/her) Money Manager

Our ever-fierce Trish is Hyphen's main cash flow manager extraordinaire and a total boss! She takes her craft to the next level, even keeping us on our toes – from using AI to help with smooth bookkeeping and invoicing processes to using the latest fintech to support our international staff's payroll.

No matter the wild idea or need we put in front of Trish, she's always excited to take on the challenge.

Like us, Trish refuses to settle for average or the same old, same old. Her approach to work is smart, strategic, and value-focused while also being humble, caring, and understanding. Not to mention she has a great sarcastic and dry sense of humour, which we love and certainly need to hear from time to time!

Fun fact: Trish and her partner, James, own Might & Main, a coffee shop in Toronto. Definitely worth a visit!

Pamela Giralt (she/her) Digital Marketing Coordinator

Pamela grew up surrounded by creative and entrepreneurial spirit, raised in a family business in Argentina. Combined with an extensive background in arts, film production, communication, and digital marketing, this has helped her hone a unique blend of creative and technical expertise.

At Hyphen, Pamela channels her passion, commitment, and experience into driving meaningful change for our clients through digital marketing efforts.

She has two dogs, who keep Pamela on her toes and sometimes accompany her on visits to the Hyphen office – much to our team’s delight!

Fun fact: Pamela plays various instruments and always dreamt of being a musician. She started a band with her partner during the pandemic (The Ratoons, named after their dog), and they record music in their free time.

Nat Korol (she/her) Co-Founder, Strategy & Experience

If you’re familiar with Hyphen, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting Nat. As one of our co-founders, she is responsible for our business direction and development, making her one of the first points of contact for our clients. Relationship building is just one of Nat’s many talents, powered by her warmth, empathy, and strong sense of curiosity.

Nat also plays an active role in developing marketing strategies for our clients, providing oversight of ongoing work, and shaping our overall client experience. Her involvement provides continuity and ensures our clients’ business needs and objectives always remain in focus.

As a firm believer that to grow, you must surround yourself with genuine people who are smarter and different from you, she loves building and nurturing our diverse, talented and fun group. For Nat, Hyphen is and always will be about team efforts and shared successes.

Fun fact: A fan of pushing her physical limits and being part of a fun community, she's a Salomon trail running ambassador and races all over North America. Her favourite race is the Broken Arrow Skyrace.

Nikola Kirincic (he/him) Senior Web Developer

If you've worked with us on any website or application development project, chances are the most complicated development aspects were architected and developed by Nikola, who leads all website development efforts as our Senior Web Developer.

Although his primary focus is WordPress, over the past 15 years Nikola has developed strong capabilities in PHP, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, VueJS, Angularjs, Knockoutjs, Drupal, and more.

In all the years we've been working with Nikola, we've never heard him say that something cannot be done. We love his ‘why not?’ and ‘can do!’ attitude and appreciate that this is actually difficult to find among programmers.

Fun fact: While most people assume Nikola studied software engineering, he actually has a masters in architecture and has worked as both an architect and a 3D modeler.

Stefan Lazarevic (he/him) WordPress Developer

Stefan is our lead front-end developer and a jack of all trades. His background in photography and computer science gives him a unique understanding of design, perspective, and their application in user interfaces.

So far, we haven't found a design problem for which Stefan can't build a solution (don't worry, Stefan, we'll keep trying!). He has a knack for reading between the lines and seeing the big picture, which is important for understanding client needs and wants.

Stefan's developer toolkit includes Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB and SQL, PHP, Java, and more. Translation for the non-developers: this means he can easily meet any challenge, from webpage micro-animations to complex WordPress and custom post relationship builds.

Fun fact: Stefan used to be a competitive swimmer (specialties: freestyle and butterfly), even participating in international meets in the Balkans.

Richard Lee (he/him) Partner | Creative Direction

We're quite confident that Richard, our co-founder and Creative Technologist, is a perfect combination of right and left brain thinking. He sets the creative vision for both Hyphen and our clients and is a master at explaining challenging concepts with ease and grace.

In our digital creative space, it's key to merge creative with technical, and Richard has a special talent for this. He has been building visual brands and leading technology applications and projects since 2005!

A key value that Richard instills in our team is that there's always a solution to a problem. Whether it's a challenge our clients come to us with or an internal roadblock, there's always a way we can figure it out together.

Fun fact: Richard loves Kung Fu and is an avid martial artist, with his core disciplines being Muay Thai and WingChun.

Part of the Movement

We’re Balancing Purpose and Profit.

Since 2018, we’ve been giving 1% or more of our annual revenue to high-impact, not-for-profit partners that support people, wildlife, planet, and our collective future.

Being a 1% for the Planet business member means we’re helping to address climate change and protect our planet to help future generations thrive.

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