Celebrating Connections as Hyphen Turns 4!

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May 19, 2020 3 min read
by Nat Korol

Hyphen celebrated a big milestone this month: our 4th birthday! Looking back, we can’t help but marvel at the number of emails, video calls, pitches, launches and champagne toasts we’ve shared with our team and clients in just a handful of years. Thank you!

We see ourselves as a team that forges connections between disparate ideas, concepts and pathways, building meaningful relationships along the way. Creative exploration opens new possibilities, and great things happen when we find ways to link objectives with opportunities.

Ultimately, this is what everyone at Hyphen is passionate about: making connections with and on behalf of our clients.

Creative as a force for good

In making these connections, we harness creativity to do good for our clients, our community and our world. We believe that solutions to even the trickiest of problems are out there, and with collaboration and creative thinking we can connect the dots.

So what drives our creativity? Our core values:

  1. Prioritize relationships – All the best things start with genuine connection.
  2. Move the needle – Think laterally, make progress on a regular basis and achieve real impact.
  3. Be quick, but don’t hurry – Details matter, so nimble yet thorough action is key to delivering results.
  4. Smile – Take care of each other, always. 
  5. Go far, together – Progress is powered by inclusion, collaboration and a shared vision.

These values have been with us from the start, and they remain firmly at our core.

4 reasons to celebrate our 4th birthday

We enjoy celebrating our wins and bringing people together for our ‘Thirsty Thursday’ festivities (virtual for now!). For us, celebrating past accomplishments is a jumping off point for imagining what’s to come and how we want to continue to grow. Here’s what we’re celebrating on our 4th birthday:

10 – Number of 2019 Davey Awards (5 Gold & 5 Silver)

The real payoff is when creative collaborations generate meaningful results and true partnerships lead to great friendships. Awards are just a cherry on top.

21 – Minimum number of days per year each of our team members went on vacation

Our team’s overall health is fundamentally important. Fully stepping away from work is crucial for maintaining our well-being and recharging our creative energy.

71 – Percent of our clients have been working with Hyphen long term (over 1 year)

We’re proud to prioritize relationships over transactions, and it’s heartening to work with clients who feel the same way. Trust and community are our bedrock. 

3 – Number of companies we’ve helped through Hyphen Community, our gratis rebranding program launched last year

Our ‘Creative as a force for good’ mentality is about action, not just words. Whether it’s stepping up for our community, the environment or sustainability, count us in!

BONUS: our new team member, baby Abby 😉

Since welcoming his new daughter, Richard has been setting a great example: working diligently for our clients so he can leave the office on time to be with his family.

After 4 rewarding years, what’s next?

Right now, we’re living in the moment and focusing on taking care of what matters most: our team, clients, family and friends, as well as ourselves.

At the same time, we’re looking forward to doubling down on what we’re really good at, which means helping our clients tackle important challenges and deliver meaningful outcomes. In this we see infinite opportunities and endless room to grow.

Thank you for connecting with us, supporting us and helping us come this far.

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