The Headless Revolution: Why We’re Ditching WordPress for Strapi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Get ready to say goodbye to the limitations of traditional content management system (CMS) platforms. At Hyphen, we’re embracing the future of web development with a shift in our tech stack. We’re waving goodbye to WordPress and diving headfirst (pun intended) into the world of headless CMS with Strapi. What exactly is a headless CMS? […]

Hyphen’s Journey to Carbon Neutrality: A Commitment to Sustainability and Social Impact

Reading Time: 3 minutes At Hyphen we believe that businesses have a responsibility to not only prioritize profits but also to contribute positively to society and the environment. That’s why we are proud to announce our progress towards becoming a Carbon Neutral company, as part of our broader commitment to sustainability, ethical business practices, and giving back to the […]

Introducing the Elegant New Namara Website, Crafted by Hyphen

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are thrilled to announce the launch of the sleek and sophisticated new website for Namara, an end-to-end curatorial firm that helps to elevate and strengthen prominent brands through the power of art. This website marks a significant milestone for Namara, as they endeavor to elegantly connect with their ideal audience and convey their value […]

Seven is Heaven! Fun facts about Hyphen turning 7

Reading Time: 2 minutes Another year old, wiser, and as energized as ever! As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we’re reflecting on all the factors that have helped us come this far and shaped our story up to now. Here are 7 fun facts that offer a glimpse of what makes Hyphen tick. There are so many more fun […]

#ExpandTheBan Campaign: Here’s How We Did

Reading Time: 2 minutes As individuals and as a business, we believe in targeting the root causes of pollution while also doing our best to reduce our day-to-day impact on the environment.  In 2020, we made our commitment official by joining 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, individuals, and non-profits who put people and the planet […]

Harnessing LinkedIn to Combat Plastic Pollution in Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutes How do you drive meaningful change in the fight against plastic pollution in Canada? With action! In this article, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re using LinkedIn to support Environmental Defence in its #PlasticFreeJuly campaign to #ExpandTheBan on single-use plastics in Canada. 🔈 Driving impact with LinkedIn Although Hyphen has partnered with Environmental […]

Join Us to #ExpandTheBan this Plastic Free July

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Plastic Free July rolls around each year, individual consumers are encouraged to take action to reduce plastic waste. Across Canada and around the world, people take part in beach cleanups, avoid single-use plastic containers, and bring reusable bags to their grocery store. All of these actions are important and commendable, and by no means […]

An Exciting Win for Us and Our Client 🏆

Reading Time: 2 minutes A BIG congratulations to Raymond James Ltd. for being recognized with Distinction for Branded Content in the 2022 Communicator Awards for the Choice of Top Advisors whitepaper. Click here to request a copy. About the Work Created by our team from start to finish (formulating the digital content strategy, research and interviews, copywriting, designing, art […]

Art for Ukraine 🇺🇦: A Collaboration with Nina Dzyvulska

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every year, Hyphen seeks a stand-out artist to partner on our annual visual and brand creative. This year, we collaborated with world-renowned Ukrainian illustrator Nina Dzyvulska – not only for her outstanding creative abilities, but also to demonstrate our support for her community and all Ukrainians impacted by the unthinkable war. Activism through art As […]

Hermes Awards Recognize 3 of Hyphen’s Clients

Reading Time: 4 minutes We thrive at the intersection of creativity and helping our clients overcome some of their business challenges. It’s the results we chase, but it’s also special to be recognized for the work. This year, Hyphen has been awarded three Hermes Creative Awards – two gold and one platinum – for our creative and development expertise. […]