Is a Marketing Team on Retainer Right for You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes How will my business benefit from hiring a marketing team on a retainer basis? It’s a good question, and one that some of our clients – typically, marketing directors or C-suite executives – ask both themselves and us when looking outside their organization for marketing support. 4 important ways in which clients benefit from working […]

How We Built Hyphen’s International Team

Reading Time: 4 minutes When starting Hyphen, one of our key visions was to build a company where remote work wasn’t just possible – it was preferred. Today, our team does just that. Some choose to experience another city or culture for a few months while others are stationed permanently overseas. In fact, half of our team lives outside […]

9 Remote Work Tips from Hyphen’s Team Members

Reading Time: 4 minutes We’ve all dreamed of becoming a digital nomad, having the freedom to work from anywhere, and doing the work at times that are best for us. Yet many businesses seem to shy away from allowing remote work because either it’s not part of their original organizational cultural and would require a lot of energy and work to […]

What’s the Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sorry, that was rather clickbaity, but we do have an actual answer. The most powerful marketing tool is asking questions. Sounds kind of lame. However, we genuinely believe it’s true. Here’s why: Asking questions ensures marketing is powered by insights and strategies, rather than lazy assumptions and copycat efforts. “We should be on TikTok.” OK, […]

Putting a Timer on Creative Concepts – Can It Be Done?

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m no stranger to late nights tinkering on creative concepts. It’s one of those things creatives do – go deep into ideation mode at all hours to find the perfect concept for clients.  But before the work starts, we (myself and the team at Hyphen) are often asked how much time it will take to […]

3 Ideas to Align B2B Sales and Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes B2B businesses today rely on departmental alignment for success, especially between sales and marketing. Disconnected operations and objectives between these teams mean that you’re not likely to hit key business objectives. You’re likely thinking about how to get these teams working together in lockstep. Here are 3 ideas and actions that you can take to better […]

How Hearing No Helps Challenge the Status Quo

Reading Time: 3 minutes You want an agency collaborator that has your business’ best interest in mind – one that delivers more than the status quo. And so, in your conversations with your agency, listen for constructive objections – don’t only look for trophies, awards, and other vanity metrics. Those things are great, but they aren’t indicative of a […]

How to Transition Your Client to a New Agency with Kindness

Reading Time: 5 minutes For agencies preparing to transition a client to a new agency, there are plenty of existing resources with best practices and checklists for executing the switch. However, there’s often one key element missing: kindness. Few how-to guides touch on the importance of this key relationship-based element and its potential to have a profound impact on […]

How to Switch Agencies: A Guide for Clients

Reading Time: 4 minutes Breaking up is hard to do. Learn how clients can navigate their transition to a new agency with positive intentions and professionalism in our latest blog post.

Three Marketing Essentials B2B Business Needs to Drive Growth in 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your B2B business struggling to achieve growth targets? Having a talented sales & marketing team is important, but it’s not enough by itself. Consider this research by Gartner conducted with B2B buyers: When B2B buyers are considering a purchase‚ they spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers When buyers are comparing […]