Is a Marketing Team on Retainer Right for You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes How will my business benefit from hiring a marketing team on a retainer basis? It’s a good question, and one that some of our clients – typically, marketing directors or C-suite executives – ask both themselves and us when looking outside their organization for marketing support. 4 important ways in which clients benefit from working […]

What’s the Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sorry, that was rather clickbaity, but we do have an actual answer. The most powerful marketing tool is asking questions. Sounds kind of lame. However, we genuinely believe it’s true. Here’s why: Asking questions ensures marketing is powered by insights and strategies, rather than lazy assumptions and copycat efforts. “We should be on TikTok.” OK, […]

Join Us to #ExpandTheBan this Plastic Free July

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Plastic Free July rolls around each year, individual consumers are encouraged to take action to reduce plastic waste. Across Canada and around the world, people take part in beach cleanups, avoid single-use plastic containers, and bring reusable bags to their grocery store. All of these actions are important and commendable, and by no means […]

Hermes Awards Recognize 3 of Hyphen’s Clients

Reading Time: 4 minutes We thrive at the intersection of creativity and helping our clients overcome some of their business challenges. It’s the results we chase, but it’s also special to be recognized for the work. This year, Hyphen has been awarded three Hermes Creative Awards – two gold and one platinum – for our creative and development expertise. […]

How to Switch Agencies: A Guide for Clients

Reading Time: 4 minutes Breaking up is hard to do. Learn how clients can navigate their transition to a new agency with positive intentions and professionalism in our latest blog post.

We’re Tackling Pollution in Partnership with Environmental Defence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beach cleanups, recycling bins, and reusable shopping bags all have important roles to play in reducing and cleaning up plastic waste. These efforts are incredibly important, and we love that countless organizations, community groups, and individuals across Canada are undertaking them. Yet, to maximize the impact of these efforts, we must change our laws, policies, […]

Farewell 2020, A Year Like No Other

Reading Time: 4 minutes We’re almost there – just a few more emails to go and we can say farewell to 2020, at least from a work perspective. Yet just before we sign off for the year, we want to share this update with you about a year like no other at Hyphen. 4 reasons to cheer Optimism, hope, […]

Your Path to Export Markets: Trade Accelerator Program

Reading Time: 3 minutes You have world-class products or services, proven demand and the passion to grow your business. However, if you’re like the vast majority of Canadian companies, the one missing ingredient is a clear plan for how to tap into markets beyond Canada’s borders. The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is designed to give businesses like yours the […]