Art for Ukraine 🇺🇦: A Collaboration with Nina Dzyvulska

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June 03, 2022 3 min read
by Nat Korol

Every year, Hyphen seeks a stand-out artist to partner on our annual visual and brand creative. This year, we collaborated with world-renowned Ukrainian illustrator Nina Dzyvulska – not only for her outstanding creative abilities, but also to demonstrate our support for her community and all Ukrainians impacted by the unthinkable war.

Activism through art

As we do every year when looking for a new artist collaborator, we sought out someone whose personal values mirrored our own. As a Ukrainian-Canadian, I was drawn to the purpose behind Nina’s art just as much as the work itself.

Her illustrations are bright and friendly, and her art is focused on raising awareness of the war in her country and soliciting support for her community. It’s a perfect partnership for Hyphen at a pivotal time in history. Not only does her work align our own values, it also mirrors the mindfulness that we incorporate into our own work. Partnering with Nina is our way of standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and giving back to a community that I hold dear to my heart. It’s also a wonderful way to highlight the creative culture of the Ukrainian people and bring a bit of light to what is a dark chapter in history.

About Nina Dzyvulska

An accomplished independent creative, Nina is an advocate within her Ukrainian community. 

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, her work has been focused on bringing awareness to the situation and helping those in need. To do so, she has leveraged her artistic abilities, allowing the use of her illustrations at no cost in projects that support Ukraine.

The fees associated with the original creative work created for Hyphen acted as a donation that Nina is using to help those in her Kherson and Kyiv communities to stay safe. 

Where you’ll see our collaboration with Nina: 

  • Birthday greetings. Fun and friendly, Nina’s designs for this year’s Hyphen birthday card bring a smile to your face while supporting the people of Ukraine.
  • Holiday card & stationery. This year’s annual holiday card and other stationery will feature Nina’s unique illustrative style.
  • Social media. We’re also excited to incorporate Nina’s art into our social media and web presence throughout the year.

Where you may have seen Nina’s other work:

Nina has been a part of numerous notable collaborations, one of which is a collection for Gucci kids that featured several pieces with her playful designs.

She’s also created a collection of custom stamps for Jenni Bick Custom Journals and artsy basketballs for Local Hoops, all in support of Ukraine. 

In all of her designs, Nina incorporates fun, discovery, and endless imagination. They offer truly wonderful, lighthearted moments of escape and hope at a time when we need it most.

We hope you enjoy Nina’s work as much as we do.

📷 We invite you to follow, share, and support her on Instagram: @nina_dzyvulska.

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