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June 16, 2022 2 min read
by Nat Korol

A BIG congratulations to Raymond James Ltd. for being recognized with Distinction for Branded Content in the 2022 Communicator Awards for the Choice of Top Advisors whitepaper. Click here to request a copy.

About the Work

Created by our team from start to finish (formulating the digital content strategy, research and interviews, copywriting, designing, art direction & photography implementation of paid and organic reach, and ongoing optimization), the whitepaper was designed as a guide to help financial advisors in Canada smoothly transition to a new firm – a topic that most industry organizations keep confidential.

However, as Canada’s largest independent financial advisory firm, Raymond James trusted our advice and creativity to lead with a value-based content marketing strategy featuring real advisors and their insights, tips and advice.

Since launching the whitepaper, Raymond James has seen positive awareness results and great lift in the recruiting areas of their business. Not to mention that it truly helped to showcase Raymond James as a leader and independent firm of choice for top advisors.

If you’d like to download this and additional whitepapers, visit the Choice of Top Advisors landing page to request a copy.

About the Communicator Awards

The 28th Annual Communicator Awards recognize excellence in strategic and meaningful communication across a variety of industries. Awards are handed out based on the lasting impact of the work and its merit among industry peers. So it goes without saying that we are thrilled to see our collaboration with Raymond James take home such prestigious hardware.

We’re honoured to be moving the needle for Raymond James with an asset they are proud to leverage for years to come and look forward to continuing our collaboration as we reset the benchmark for strategic communication and branded content within the financial sector.

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